Toddlers at 3Rs

Dedication is what you get from the staff at 3R’s Child Development Center.

There is probably no “cuter” stage of childhood, than the toddler stage. The toddler is totally lovable and engaging, curious and into everything, but it’s such a fascinating age.

Children this age need the opportunity to practice new physical skills; they are offered many interesting manipulatives to examine and explore to feed their developing curiosity.

Our caregivers encourage all of our students to express their independence. 3R’s Child Development Center helps with their growth by supplying classrooms with age appropriate equipment.

In order to venture out into the world of discovery, the toddler room is set up into interest areas such as blocks, art, dramatic play, sensory, music, and a book area. Now that they can walk, the world is theirs to possess!

Our caregivers help strengthen your child’s imagination with “The Help of Partners for Learning” integrated into our toddler curriculum. A weekly lesson plan will be posted with the theme and daily activity. Parents need only bring diapers, change of clothes, and a blanket for naps.