3Rs Mission Statement:  To provide child care in a safe, comfortable and clean environment with an educational program that relates to the traditional Three Rs.

INFANTS Although much of an infant’s time is spent sleeping or being fed and diapered, there is still time to play, cuddle and enjoy learning by exploring their surroundings.

TODDLERS There is probably no “cuter” stage of childhood than the toddler stage. The toddler is totally lovable and engaging, curious and into everything.

PRE-SCHOOL Preschoolers are enthusiastic, adventurous, bold, “out of bounds”, eager to learn and to have fun.

SCHOOL AGE School age children are known as the middle years; these children are industrious, and very competitive.


The 3RS Philosophy

3Rs Early Childhood Learning Center will provide a learning environment specific to each child’s social, intellectual, cognitive and multicultural need. The Center will be sensitive to every child’s background and learning ability. 3Rs strives to build self-esteem and character, and will enhance reading, writing and arithmetic using our own creative projects and curriculum.

Our Families Say it Best
  • We know we made the right choice choosing 3Rs Learning Center for the most important person in our lives.  Seeing her reach for her teachers every morning during drop off reinforces that decision and we are so happy to have a daycare that provides the love and support to Kenzie. –Fauth Family, 3Rs Client

  • This place is great, I stopped in on a preschool class briefly and saw 3-5yr olds learning basic addition... and getting it!–Branden Winkels