Infant News

Dedication is what you will get from the staff at 3R’s Child Development Center. Lucky is the person who gets to spend time in the infant room. Our Infant room has a warm and loving atmosphere. Although much of an infant’s time is spent sleeping or being fed and diapered, there is still time to play, cuddle and enjoy learning by exploring their surroundings. The more touching and affection our caregivers give, the better. Our infant room is equipped with all the supplies needed to make sure your little one is happy. All staff is trained in CPR and First Aide.

Daily Reports

Since all babies are different, a daily report will be kept and given to you at the end of each day so that you will be able to see how your baby’s day was. 3R’s will provide Enfamil with iron. Bottles will be labeled with each student’s name. Lesson plans will be done with the help of partners for learning a curriculum we will be using to help in the developmental growth of each infant.

Parent Information

All information given to us as care givers will be followed per your instructions and will be recorded and given to you at the end of each day. Each infant has a crib labeled with their name, as well as storage for personal items, which is also labeled with their name. At no time will babies share any personal items; we will keep our infant room as sterile as possible. All toys and equipment are cleaned every day, so that we can maintain a sterile environment.