group of preschool and school age kids holding hands walking in field

young learners

School-age children are industrious and very competitive. 3Rs has created learning centers to meet our after-school children’s needs. School-agers are grouped by age (K-2) and grades (3-5). After school children sometimes feel they are too old to be in a child care setting, so we try and make it fun while assisting them with their homework. If your child doesn’t have any homework that day, we provide an activity to keep them engaged and entertained.

Educational Support

Lesson plans are prepared for school release days, as we want to keep our students sharp. Keeping our students on task whether it is during the school year or over the summer break, is very important for to the staff at 3Rs. We provide help in math, reading, spelling, writing, and that’s just a few of the subjects in which we offer assistance. In the summer we provide school-age activities and field trips that will keep your kids busy and happy.
colorful math game
group of school age friends

Unforgettable Friendships

Friendships are made and bonds are formed with the teachers in this program. We hire qualified staff to work with all of our students. It is very important for children to create their own sense of belonging. It is of the highest importance to us at 3Rs Early Childhood Learning to provide a safe and happy for your child. Life is exciting to a school-age child –  let the adventure begin, for both student and teacher!
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