portrait of preschool girl with brown hair wearing glasses

eager adventurers

“Exuberance!” Is the best single word to describe preschoolers. They are enthusiastic, adventurous, bold, eager to learn and have fun. 3R’s takes all of this energy and put it towards getting our preschoolers ready for kindergarten. This is the pre-kindergarten year so our preschool teachers take this growing interest and energy and channel it towards learning letters, numbers, shapes, colors, and science.
Not all preschoolers are ready to “sit down and behave” for long periods of time, life is too exciting. To achieve our goals for kindergarten readiness we have three preschool classes, young pre (3 yrs.) older pre (4 yrs.), and Pre-K (4yrs-5yrs) all three have different learning styles.

From A to Zoo

The word “imagination” is another great word for a preschool child. 3Rs Early Childhood Learning Center encourages the imagination, whether it is in art, science, dramatic play, it is very important for a child to have an active imagination and not discourage them. We consider imagination a great gift – an asset for later in life. We encourage each child to be eager to learn all they can achieve.
two preschool girls writing learning is fun on chalkboard

What is Zoo Phonics?

We use “Zoo Phonics”, a program for children to have fun while learning. The Zoo Phonics program helps children put the beginning sound with ending sounds to recognize words, which helps with learning how to read. Teachers who work with preschool children enjoy teaching finger plays, help develop fine motors skills, children songs, at this age they are not ready to sit for no longer than 10 minutes at a time. Our teachers play with the children not just manage them. Preschoolers love stories about things that are comfortable and familiar, 3Rs teachers understand each child’s learning style and build from that. We want every child to reach their academic potential.

Listen Closely

The Pre-K kids are interested in naming letters and sometimes picking out words that they know. 3Rs teachers encourage but won’t force a child to learn in large doses but if the interest is spontaneous, we will encourage it. We also help our students start to develop their listening skills, which is key to any child’s success in Kindergarten and beyond.
portrait of preschool girl with blonde hair wearing glasses