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Back-to-School Advice: 10 Tips for Parents and Kids

It’s back-to-school time! Many children face challenges when that time of year rolls around. For lots of kids, the back-to-school season can be a difficult one, as families adjust to a whole new routine after summer from vacation. Making necessary changes and adjustments can be tricky. One important piece of back-to-school advice is that we need to prepare our children mentally for this transition. This is called “mind conditioning”. If our kids adapt to a new mindset, they will be ready to take on anything!

Back-to-school routines demand a lot of our energy, time, and effort. These back-to-school tips come in handy as you approach this annual change. Just as many parents feel, the transition is often met with a combination of both excitement and anticipation as we prepare ourselves and our kids. Here are seven back-to-school tips you can utilize with your family:

Make sure children are mentally prepared

If kids’ minds are conditioned, they will be ready to take on any challenges that come their way. The transition should go more smoothly. This is because everything begins with our mindset. This tip is proven to be the most effective. Give your kids a pep talk at least a few days before school starts. Inject positive thoughts, and encourage them to strive for the best for the start of a new academic year. Remind children of their wonderful qualities and that they are capable of doing whatever they set their minds to. 

Make a point of connecting with your children’s teachers

It’s important to be visible and engaged on your children’s school campus. Take the time to make connections, especially with those who work with your child. Schedule visits to the school, make time to talk to the teachers,, and ask for feedback about how your child is doing in class.

Homework can be fun!

Your children have had a busy day at school, complete with lessons, quizzes, exams, and other activities. When kids get home at the end of the school day, try to make homework time lighter and without pressure. Look for ways to make homework interactive and creative for your kids. Utilize some fun games to make it more exciting. Doing homework shouldn’t be perceived as boring and dull, but rather a fun and enjoyable learning experience.

Prepare an environment conducive to learning

Nothing beats doing schoolwork in a well-lit and cozy space. Provide your kids with a study table or desk and chair that’s the right height for your kids. The area should be well-lit and quiet so they can focus on their assignments. 

Prepare a nice snack/dinner

We all need a satisfying meal after a long day. Your kids will enjoy a nice meal to cap off the day. It’s always nice to have a treat after a day of hard work. 

Monitor and limit your kids’ screen time

Television and electronic gadgets are good sources of entertainment, as they provide us a way to destress and relax. But for some kids, they can get carried away with excessive time with gadgets. Too much screen time can affect your kids’ focus and attention span. When summer ends, coming out of a routine that includes Youtube all day transitioning into a more serious and structured routine can make kids feel cranky and even lazy. It is very important for you as a parent to take charge of when and how long your kids sit in front of the TV and other gadgets. 

Foster your children’s social skills

While some kids have a knack for socializing, it may be harder for others. Make it a point to do exercises with your children to practice good social skills and make it easier for them to adjust when interacting with peers, especially before they return to school. This is particularly important if your child hasn’t been interacting with other kids during his or her summer vacation. Practicing social interactions can also help ease your child’s social anxiety as he or she prepares to be around other kids again.

Establish open communication with your children

Nothing beats helping children feel like they can talk to you about anything. Open lines of communication between parents and kids give them a sense of security and support that you have their back no matter what. Doing so helps establish honesty, which is very important in promoting a healthy relationship with your kids, both mentally and emotionally. This will also ease them in taking on new challenges in school, as they know they have support at home.


Provide your kids with strong emotional support

Making kids feel supported as they encounter various challenges makes all the difference! Knowing they have your full support promotes a positive sense of well-being and it gives your kids inspiration to do good as they strive toward reaching their full potential.

 Instill good sleeping habits

A person’s sleeping habits play an important role in their overall health and wellbeing. Sleep affects our mood and brain functioning. The importance of rest is oftentimes underestimated. What some people don’t know is that for both adults and children, sleep is the holy grail of one’s ideal functioning. Have you ever noticed how sleep can make a significant difference when it comes to a person’s general state? Getting adequate sleep on a daily basis is a good habit so that children can maintain a healthy mind as they maximize their potential as they go through their school day. 

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