“After having my oldest and only child at the time in another center and all the stress of teachers who just did not understand him and ready to give up on him it was a blessing to find 3rs. He has excelled extremely his teacher took the time to get to know him and his interests and used his interests to teach him and help him expand to his fullest potential. I will be forever grateful and my youngest goes here now as well and is learning so much toddlers are not easy but his teachers are amazing as well.”


“Awesome place for kids and their families!!!! This is the only day care organization that truly cares about their kids….it’s more than a daycare it is a family care center thanx 3RS!!!!!!”


“Since arriving in April, my daughter has learned so much. From recognizing the president to beginning addition. As a teacher myself, I appreciate when a school does their #1 job. Teach my child.”


“This place is great, I stepped in on a preschool class briefly and say 3-5yr old’s learning basic addition… and getting it!”