From mom and dad’s view

3 R’s has been Kenzie’s 2nd home since April 2014. Wow, time flies! We have been so impressed with 3 R’s learning center for many reasons including the friendly teaching staff, the diverse learning curriculum, and their amazing flexibility. 

3 R’s has superior teachers. We are greeted each and everyday by name with a friendly smile the second we walk in.  It is very obvious that everyone loves their jobs and it makes us comfortable as parents to be able to leave our child with them for the vast majority of her day. We can tell Kenzie loves her teachers too. We even thought she might like Ms. Barri (please correct spelling) more than us! And her new teachers Ms. Julie, Ms. Nika and Mr. Jamal aren’t far behind.  

Every day we get a sheet that recaps her day.  It tells us what her favorite activity was, what she ate throughout the day, and even her potty schedule. If she does happen to get a scratch, the teachers are the first ones to help us understand what happened, so we never have to guess or ask about it the next day. We understand accidents outside of their control are going to happen from time to time and 3 R’s has the best communication with us!

Lastly, 3 R’s understands parents’ busy schedules and they are flexible with us as we are working adults that relay heavily on our daycare providers. We send Kenzie to learn and play with 3 R’s 4 days a week.  We are fortunate enough that she gets to spend Friday’s with us, most of the time. If our schedule changes and we need to bring her in on a Friday here and there, Ms. Caroline makes it happen for us. We’ve had to pick up early due to Dr.’s appointments as well and Kenzie’s teachers always have her up from nap time, changed, and ready to go when we get there. The flexibility we have seen from 3 R’s is amazing and we are fortunate they can accommodate our busy, ever changing schedule.  

We know we made the right choice choosing 3 R’s learning center for the most important person in our lives.  Seeing her reach for her teachers every morning during drop off reinforces that decision and we are so happy to have a daycare that provides the love and support to Kenzie. Thanks 3 R’s!

-Lary and Nikky Fauth

From daughter’s view

I have been going to 3 R’s learning center for the last year and I love it! There are so many things I love like my teachers, the fun activities throughout the day, and the flexibility they give to my parents due to their sometimes busy schedule.  

First of all, my teachers are the best!  When I was 10 months old, I quickly fell in love with my very first teacher Ms. Barri.  Even though I’ve moved into the toddler room now, when I see her, I want to go play with her!  Now my new teachers, Ms. Julie, Ms. Nika and Mr. Jamal are my new favorites.  Also, all the teachers in my school greet me and my parents by name every morning. It’s very obvious they love their jobs and all the kids who come to school every day.

They help me learn things like the ABC’s in Spanish, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and how to get along with my class mates. I can’t wait to start potty training! To make sure my parents don’t feel left out, they give me a sheet that recaps my day to bring home. They can see everything I did, like my favorite activity, what foods I ate, and even my potty schedule.  I have so much fun learning and playing with all my friends and my teachers make sure that I’m safe every day.  Sometimes I do get minor owies, because let’s face it, I’m a year and a half and that’s what we do.  But don’t worry, my teachers always make sure to let my parents know right away so they don’t worried.  

My mommy and daddy sometimes get busy and they have to ask my teachers if they can change my schedule.  I go to school 4 days a week and stay home to play with my mommy on Friday’s.  Sometimes I get lucky and my mommy and daddy bring me to school on Friday’s. Mr. Caroline understands that parents are busy adults and always accommodates those one off requests (with enough notice of course). Even smaller changes to my schedule like getting picked up early for Dr.’s appointments is no problem. They make sure I’m up from my nap, changed, and ready to go so it makes it easier for my mommy or daddy to just pick me up and go.

I couldn’t imagine a better school to go to every day to learn, play and grow. I always reach for my teaches as soon as I step into the classroom and although I know my parents will miss me throughout the day, I can tell they are happy to leave me with such  a loving staff!  I love 3 R’s! 

-Kensington Fauth