4-star parent aware rating 

3Rs Early Childhood Learning is proud to have achieved a 4-Star Parent Aware Rating.


4-Star Parent Aware Mission and Origin

Parent Aware wants all Minnesota children to be ready for kindergarten. They provide free, research-based tools and resources that help parents ask important questions and make informed choices about high quality early learning opportunities. Parent Aware began as a privately funded pilot project to address the fact that in Minnesota today nearly half of children arrive at kindergarten underprepared. The state of Minnesota has adopted the program and will make Parent Aware ratings available statewide by 2015.
The Minnesota Department of Human Services leads Parent Aware in coordination with the Minnesota Office of Early Learning. Child Care Aware of Minnesota is working in local communities to share the ratings with parents and prepare child care/early education programs. Community leaders including Parent Aware for School Readiness and the Greater Twin Cities United Way also support Parent Aware.
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    The Star Rating Defined

    All Star-Rated Programs go above and beyond licensing requirements to support school readiness. By voluntarily becoming rated, a program shows it cares enough about early learning to use the best practices and proven approaches.  With non-rated programs, even though they may be licensed, parents do not have the same assurances about early education quality.

    At each level, quality indicators are measured in four key areas:

    • Physical health and well-being
    • Teaching and relationships
    • Assessment of child progress
    • Teacher Training and Education

    Participating programs have:

    • Volunteered for extra, in-depth training
    • Devoted themselves to strong, caring relationships with each child
    • Adopted the latest approaches to keeping children’s learning on track
    • Committed to daily activities and routines that help children learn and grow
    • Placed a focus on children’s health and safety

    How 3Rs Earned a
    4-Star Rating

    To earn a four-star rating, programs must be excelling in the use of best practices in preparing kids for kindergarten.

    • Exemplifies a truly engaged school readiness partner for parents
    • Ongoing assessment of child’s progress
    • Continually adapts lesson plans and goals to meet individual needs
    • Regularly updates parents on child’s progress
    • Trained on children’s developmental disabilities
    • Communicates across cultures
    • Receives and documents on-going childhood-related education

    Programs must first meet all one and two-star rating indicators before becoming eligible for a four-star rating. Programs with a four-star rating are equipped to offer the very best in quality care, assuring parents they are doing everything possible to prepare children for school.